Fredericia Realskole
 A Clever Choice!

Fredericia Realskole

Købmagergade 72

7000 Fredericia




Who are we? 

What do we expect? 

A description of the school:


Fredericia Realskole is a private school with almost 400 pupils. The school began in 1895 and lives on due to the fact that the school incorporates many qualities which can be difficult for parents to find nearby.

We teach both primary and secondary pupils from the age of 6 to 16 years. In primary school there are 18 pupils in each class and secondary classes contain 20 to 22 pupils. From 8th class (age 14) we divide the pupils into two different levels when teaching German, English and math according to skills.This is to give the best opportunities to the individual pupil due to their abilities.

 The school values are based on tolerance and mutual respect. We intend to strengthen the pupil’s responsibility and sense of duty towards other people and their views.

 The motto of the school is: Do your duty and more!




The school exists because of the CHILDREN and has to provide a good learning/teaching atmosphere for everybody at the school.

Fredericia Realskole is a school which is undergoing constant development, however not considering that everything new is automatically also good for the school. The school wishes to follow the movement in the surrounding society and also keep the right to be selective when it comes to new pedagogical teaching methods. 

The teaching has to be up-to-date, focused and of a high quality, where new methods, tools and technology are used when it is relevant.

The objectives of teaching are to give each pupil the best achievable benefit intellectually, emotionally and socially.

The teaching elements are spread over a wide range, the pupils are taught both humanities, science, practical and creative subjects, the main emphasis is on the academic subjects.

In a rapidly changing society the school still assigns a high priority to the fact that the pupils are taught the general education of specific academic skills so they are capable of creating a varied world view useful when it comes to the development of their personal qualifications in school and their further education.

Project work and work involving more academic disciplines are used throughout the school process. Home work and good working habits are inherent to pupils in all classes.

The social conventions at Fredericia Realskole are based on politeness and mutual respect between all parties. Everybody at the school shares a responsibility that things work. The school is responsible for a well-functioning teaching based on the objectives set for teaching and the curriculum. It is the parents’ responsibility that the pupils are behaved and that the pupils according to age participate actively in teaching situations and are responsible for the benefit of their education.

The school could not exist without the pupils and their parents and therefore it is of major importance to have a full co-operation between pupils, parents, teachers and school.

Each class has an annual parents’ meeting where general topics relating to school and teaching are debated.

Twice a year there are held PTAs, where it is possible for students and their parents to speak privately with teachers. Furthermore parents to pupils in 4thto 10th will thrice a year be informed about their child’s achievement level through the school report book. Besides the parents will be informed about any irregularities by phone, mail or report book as soon as areason occurs.

The pupils’ academic skills and social behavior undergo a continuous evaluation by the teachers and the school through participation in teaching, home work, written assignments, tests, teacher co-operation, and teacher-pupil conversations.

Security,well-being, and self-esteem are key words to a satisfactory teaching. The development of the individual pupil most be of high priority and likewise is it of utmost importance that the pupils are socialized and can experience how it is to be part of the community, the co-operation and enjoy the togetherness with others, and at the same time be aware of differences in manners and points of views and where consideration, respect, and tolerance are basic values.Bullying is banned!

Fredericia Realskole wishes to be a school which the pupils happily remember!

We expect:


The core subjects at Fredericia Realskole are:


8thand 9th class can also choose between a wide range of optional classes e.g. French, different craft shops, English/German/math homework help,cooking, and typing.
The above is mandatory teaching. 10th class is an optional choice for the individual pupil to consider.
They have the following subjects: English, German, Danish, math, social studies, PE, and science.

We teach IT and all pupils have access to computers; as a new thing we have introduced smartboards in some of our classrooms.